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Ductless mini-splits deliver quiet efficiency

Davis Air Conditioning and Heating, Inc. in Clermont installs ductless heating and cooling.

Ductless mini-split systems are perfect for quickly heating and cooling spaces without the need for ductwork. These systems can be installed almost anywhere, making them a great choice for homes and businesses. They are efficient and easy to use, and they provide comfort and convenience for everyone who uses them. What makes them even more desirable is the ability to control them from a smartphone or a remote. We’ve been conveniently installing ductless HVAC mini-splits all over Clermont, Winter Garden, Davenport, Orlando, Leesburg, and Ocoee. From sunrooms, restaurants, home additions, and more!

Ductless mini-splits are great for keeping your space comfortable year-round.

There are several advantages to buying a ductless mini-split for a residential HVAC system. They provide useful, affordable flexibility to every room, to set separate heating or cooling controls. Some of them can also be used for multiple rooms, with each new room being outfitted with its own thermostat. The innovative design of these space-saving HVAC units can rapidly heat or cool a room! You can barely hear them running and they are amazing at quickly heating or cooling a room.

New Mini Split system

Revolutionize the way you heat and cool your home.

Ductwork can often be the direct source of dust, pet dander, pollen, mold spores, and other air pollutants. Ductless heating and cooling, known as mini-splits, have enabled homeowners to benefit from a reduced pollutant atmosphere. Since allergens travel through traditional ductwork, having a system without ductwork eliminates the spread of pollutants throughout your home. Mini-spits are also very efficient and can potentially lower your energy bill. All of this coupled with fewer installation costs, sound like a winning situation. We’re happy to tell you more and provide a free estimate. You may be surprised by how affordable the units are.

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A great compact HVAC unit that gives a large return. You probably have lots of questions about this technology and the flexibility it provides. Our team has installed a lot of these systems and we’re happy to tell you about their features and benefits. Davis Air Conditioning and Heating, Inc. happily installs ductless mini-splits, makes heating and cooling repairs on these units, and provides periodic maintenance to keep things lasting longer. Call us today to learn more! If you live in or near Clermont, FL, you can reach us at 407-964-1131.

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Davis Air Conditioning and Heating, Inc. serves homeowners and businesses in Central Florida areas including Clermont, Winter Garden, Davenport, Orlando, Leesburg, and Ocoee. Having a trustworthy HVAC team on your side is important and we work hard to deliver the best in customer service. We take pride in our reputation and are committed to providing the best possible experience for our clients. We use only the latest technology and equipment to ensure that your home is properly cooled or heated. Call us today at 407-964-1131 to schedule your appointment.

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